The First Meeting of LifeWise Distributors: Results

On 21 September, the first official meeting of LifeWise distributors was held in Ho Chi Minh City. It was organized by Lam Hoang Fong, the leader of the Vietnamese LifeWise community authorized directly by LifeWise President Dmitry Buriak.

After the successful start of LifeWise sales and intensive preparatory work, having received a huge boost of energy and knowledge at Dmitry Buriak’s recent training, hundreds of LifeWise distributors gathered at a post-promotion meeting to receive from their leader recommendations on effective building and expanding the new LifeWise network. Distributors also received the LifeWise products they ordered after the sales launch.

Many meeting participants have been asking to organize in the coming months a new event for representatives of Vietnam’s more remote provinces and all those who were unable to take part in earlier Tigers of Decentralization and Three Steps to Wealth events. In response to those numerous requests, LifeWise President Dmitry Buriak made a decision to hold a large event in Vietnam by the end of this year. This event will celebrate the beginning of the global expansion of CPT POINT ecosystem and LifeWise platform in Vietnam and beyond.

The LifeWise project in Vietnam is successfully launched, LifeWise product sales started as planned, the LifeWise office in Ho Chi Minh City opened its doors. We did it! Stay in touch—this is just the beginning!

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