This is the main principle of supplier-to-user relationship decentralization CPT Point vision is based on

CPT Point is a new development phase of CPT project in the form of a points-based client loyalty system.

New smart features are now available for each platform member:


Mobile wallet






Problems of the old economy

Manipulation with personal data

The users right of personal data protection is not respected, the existing system manipulates consumers

Monopoly of Middleman

Wholesale and retail chains are controlled by large players who embedded themselves into the product sales chain and regulate its pricing policy

Marketing at our expense

The consumer choosing a well-known brand pays the costs of advertising and marketing hidden in the product price


Now you can purchase a product / service directly from the supplier and pay with CPT, for example, in a restaurant or online store, which are partners of the marketplace.


Partners can create Alliances with common rules, such as cashback percentage. Adding new partners is possible by alliance members vote.


After making a purchase of a product or service in Marketplace, a platform member automatically receives cashback in the amount set by the partner or the alliance of partners.


Two types of bonuses are provided: 0.5% from attracted users purchases in Marketplace,  and 0.1% from sales of attracted partner businesses.

CPT Wallet

Can be used to purchase CPT using worldwide payment systems Visa and MasterCard. Withdrawals are also available through partner exchanges.

Mobile wallet

An app that has all the features of the wallet desktop version for convenient and quick use on a mobile device. Available for iOS and Android.


Each participant can issue an invoice to any platform user indicating the CPT amount to be paid, wallet address, as well as the expected payment date.


Protected CPT internal storage. There is no commission for transfers between vaults of the platform members. Storage is available in the safe: CPT, PROOF, XEM, ETH and other partner tokens.

New opportunities

CPT Point is not only improves existing CPT functions, but also introduces new ones

The new era brings new opportunities to both platform members who use CPT in everyday life, and partner companies that implement CPT in their business for convenient settlements with customers.

CPT Point Functions

Partner Validation

Each new partner undergoes an in-depth check for compliance with platform quality standards.

Joining Alliance

Adding a new partner to the alliance occurs through voting with the participation of partners who are already in the alliance.

Leaving Alliance

A partner can leave the alliance at any time, in which case the CPT accumulated by the alliance will become inaccessible to him.

Community Opinion

On the partner’s page, each customer can leave feedback on the quality of the product / service.

Quality Control

Considering the community opinion, a partner can be removed from the Marketplace if the quality of the product / service does not meet our standards.

Benefit Control

Checking customer benefits to exclude ungrounded price rise of a product / service, checking for the absence of middlemen in the sales chain.

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